Free WordPress Blog Themes

Get cracking on your new website with the free and wildly popular WordPress content management system.  While you’re at it, add one of these Free, Attractive WordPress Blog Themes.  WordPress is the most popular blogging platform around and it has been basically since it launched.  Why?  It’s simple and flexible, that’s why.  That’s the obvious reason behind this cultural phenomenon, WordPres’ innate simplicity and native flexibility.

WordPress is a CMS that offers highly intuitive and very advanced customization features for just about any blogger, no matter the skill level. Being that WP is an open source and completely free platform, WordPress has hundreds upon hundreds of great looking, effective and free blog themes.  Just pick one!  But finding the right free WordPress theme that totally fits your requirements can be a guelling task, which is why we’ve decided to help you out.  How you ask?  We’re getting to that.  We have made a massive collection of carefully crafted, genuinely high quality, well tested and supported free WordPress blog themes that could be great for your next website. These themes completely optimized to meet each and every one of the many requirements of a completely satisfying, highly engaging, fun and informative blogging site.




modern minimal wordpress themes

This theme is an effectively crafted, inviting, novel and ingenious minimal design WP theme which will help you develop the webpage of your hopes and dreams. This design is effective, it’s been carefully created with every type of consumer in mind, from rookie to expert. With the most innovative code, this WordPress theme is amazing for web-sites and business owners of any kind, since this template is an incredible energetic and enjoyable multi-use website template, ideal for absolutely everyone. Even if you are unseasoned in WP, you may use this WordPress theme to produce a lively and remarkable web page swiftly, because just about every thing within this template can be edited, even by new WP owners. It does not make a difference what kind of material you have, from images to blog articles, goods and anything else, this WordPress theme allows you to generate a wonderful appearing design on whatever computer, because it truly is faultlessly responsive too. There are a variety of other highlights that will help you make spectators and really thrill them.

This web page can be set up in a short time and there are lots of plugins which you can employ to provide you with new capabilities for your website. A perfectly responsive designed web page is crucial, which explains why this elegant, flexible website has been produced to be completely responsive, in order that it looks cool on any sort of device, no matter how big or small. You are able to swiftly make your own unique versions utilizing this well designed theme, since it is incredibly adaptable and vibrant, expertly assembled and created in each and every way. This is certainly an incredibly amazing WordPress theme that you ought to unquestionably take a look at.

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WordPress Themes for Creative Agencies

What makes a WordPress theme one of the best WordPress blog themes?  Surely, design is a huge part, but there are a lot of well designed themes out there and more come around every day.  Basically, what makes a theme one of the best is responsive design, easy customization, great support, wonderful features and of course, you’ll need a responsive blog sitethat adapts its appearance to look ‘right’ on whatever mobile device on which it is being viewed.

Responsive web design is a thing lots of web designers talk about, but few seem to pull off properly. And if you think about the great importance of responsiveness with all the talk it’s incredibly impressive the number of WordPress websites that are still avoiding a responsive layout. Why?  I have no idea.  At this point, with the rapid growth of mobile usage, all sorts of websites should be responsive so that they can attend to every user’s “screen size needs.”

Take for example a mobile user who uploads video from a mobile site with a friend on Facebook who then looks at that content using a desktop computer at home, which means that that user viewing a bad looking mobile site on their desktop. This creates a bad experience for the user, and because of the large amount of emphasis Google is placing on good user experience as a SERP ranking factor, this is necessary to take into account with regards to SEO.

One website, Many Screen Types

As Smartphone and tablet use quickly increases, so does the crucial need for mobile-friendly WordPress portfolio themes sites.  If SEO is important to you, and SEO should be important to you, creating a mobile–friendly website is becoming a necessity.  Mobile sales is already more than desktop sales, and internet usage for mobile devices is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage within the next year. Its becoming more evident that mobile search will pass desktop searches very soon too.

Since around 2/3rds of users admit that they are measurably more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly E-Commerce site, e-commerce companies that rely on strong search engine optimization should start making the transition to mobile-friendly websites, and especially to responsive web design.  The choice of whether to opt for a responsive site or just a separate website is a well worn topic. To be fair, the truth is that both of the choices have their good and bad points.  The selection that is best for your internet business depends on a lot of factors, including the main purpose of the website, the target audience, and if search engine optimization is a crucial factor.  WordPress Magazine Themes are a-okay in our book.  If SEO is a factor, here are a handful of reasons why a site with responsive web design is the correct choice for your mobile SEO strategy.  Matt Cutts likes it. Google loves responsive design.  about 2/3rds share of the search market, when Google talks, search marketers listen. Google states that responsive framework is its preferred mobile configuration, and Google even goes so far as to refer to responsive web design as the website design best practice.

This is because sites with responsive design have only one URL and use the same HTML, regardless of device, which makes it simpler and more efficient for Google to index, crawl and organize. Contrast this with a separate mobile site which uses a totally different URL and different HTML than its desktop counterpart, which requires Google to slowly crawl and index at least two versions of the same website.  WordPress Creative or Advertising Agency Themes

Additionally, Google loves responsive magazine and blog style web design because of the fact that content that resides on one WordPress website and a lone URL is much easier for users to share, connect with, and hotlink to than content that lives in several spots.

One of the key appealing things of responsive design is that a responsive blog website can give a better user-experience across all sorts of devices and screen sizes. This is a crucial aspect, since it is not possible to anticipate all the gizmos and screen sizes people will utilize to access your site. A responsive site that functions properly despite these unknowns will provide a better and more dependable user-experience than a unique mobile website that is made for only one device and screen size.

Let’s take the following example. Someone searches for a product on their Android during a break at work. They find an E-Commerce website that has the product theyve been looking for, and decide to continue researching this widget on the same site when they get to their desktop computer. The only problem is, when they arrive home, they will use their desktop rather than their Smartphone.

If the site in this illustration is responsive, our shopper will have a great user-experience when transitioning between mobile to desktop because they will get the same look on their home computer as they had on their Smartphone. On the other hand, if the site is a dedicated mobile website, the user will get frustrated with the fact that they have to search for the desktop version of the site, and find the mystery widget all over again.

Simpler to Manage

Having a unique desktop and mobile site requires having separate SEO campaigns. Managing one site and one SEO campaign is far easier than managing two sites and two SEO campaigns. This is a key advantage a responsive web page has over a separate mobile website.

Then again, there a lot of benefits to crafting a mobile-specific SEO plan, like optimizing for search terms that are much more likely to be used when someone is searching for something on their Smartphone.

For instance, a person performing a mobile search for a restaurant may be likely to type “nearby” in their search query. However, a separate mobile site is not a requirement for a mobile SEO policy, and theres little reason why these types of mobile-specific key words cant be incorporated into a responsive WordPress website as well.

To Sum Up

A well crafted responsive design is loved by Google, it allows one web page to provide a much better experience over many types of devices, and it also makes managing your SEO strategy much easier. For these reasons, responsive web design is probably the top choice for your mobile SEO policy.

For more WordPress themes, check out the repository.


meeting wordpress events themes

Searching for a proper theme to enable you to declare occasions, but couldn’t appear to locate one? Created with a code base that is written, the awesome thing about this is that it’s an Onepage theme—which means that depending on the event, you can sometimes alter it—so the folks who’d see the “events page” wouldn’t be perplexed. The great thing about this theme is that its visual composer is truly award-winning—which means you could use over 40 coding elements to create your occasions page, even once you learn nothing about codes!

With assistance from Assembly, your imagination would be your limit in regards to designing and styling your site. With its one page dynamic menu, you can be sure that supplying your followers with information would be simpler and more wieldy—because you’d have the capacity to supply them with something that won’t want so much attention from them, which could work for you as most people today have critically low attention span. An astonishing occasion countdown button is additionally about—helping you create that much needed sense of urgency and importance that can help make sure folks would patronize your occasions. Ended with an extremely useful subscribe form Instagram and a Twitter feed integration, you can be sure your readers would need to learn more about your business—and your special occasions, also!

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wordpress personal blog magazine theme collection

This appealing WordPress theme for bloggers may be used for every style of blog site you require. With a lovely design and a large array of features, it could look perfect as a stylish fashion site, a news magazine blog as well as a personal blog page. With an incredible, well-designed layout and lots of features to help make blogging and site-building effortless. In the event you’re not a WordPress coding master, you can still modify this template to give it the attributes you need your web blog to possess. Your blog readers will love the way this blog looks, the straightforward navigation, the fashionable and well coded layout, the fresh CSS and HTML, the basic structure and much more.

WordPress is regarded as the widely used blog solution around, since it’s quite easy to utilize, it’s exceptionally versatile and it possesses numerous effective characteristics. There is quite a bit you can personalize with every single theme or template, therefore it really is crucial for you to go for an exquisite theme that has the options you require. A professionally made WordPress theme really helps to draw in guests and with an outstanding WordPress blog theme, the code and design is clear so your page will load up quickly and that could help you rank higher on the search engines. This premium weblog theme features everything you could possibly need generate a magnificent, authority blog on almost any issue such as travel, food, web apps, corporate and business, diaries, high fashion and more.

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narcos wordpress responsive portfolio theme

Today, there are some many competetors on the market, each one trying to sell you their WordPress theme, it’s almost impossibly challenging to successfully find a multipurpose theme that can work for various kinds of blogs — there are just so many junk themes to wade through.  Narcos is here and it’ snot junky, that’s for sure.  Narcos has a wide variety of features, powerful, clean code and a simple interface for making edits and customizing your site.  Multi purpose and multi page, your portfolio will absolutely shine with the frame that’s provided by Narcos.

Creative, slightly retro, a fantastic business theme, that’s how I’d describe Narcos.  And, of course, it’s perfectly responsive and dynamic, a wonderfully flexible and fluid theme that happens to be great for any type of device.  Responsive themes are in.  That’s a fact.  Beautiful and modern, professional and responsive?  What more do you need to know?  To check out more about Narcos, please see the handy links below.

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What’s the deal with parallax scrolling themes?  They’re cool!  Total theme makes it effortless to produce a parallax new WordPress website in about an hour!  A premium WordPress parallax theme is a money-making way for anyone to create a gorgeous parallax site made quick.   The basic design of the theme is totally alluring and everyone who sees it will have a great time with their visit to your page.  This incredibly simple and mighty WordPress theme is loaded with outstanding things  A cool parallax style WordPress themes can be a terrific way for anyone and everyone to create a fun and functional parallax site created fast.   I think the basic layout of this great WordPress theme is totally eye-catching and all of your visitors will enjoy their visit.  This totally simple and good theme is loaded with supreme things.  They’re cool! that make it painless to create a parallax new WP site in a few moments!

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Roxima Simple WordPress Business Portfolio Theme

roxima wordpress portfolio theme

Roxima is a powerful drag and drop business theme for WordPress, brought to you by CSSIgniter, one of the leading providers of WordPress themes around.  This drag & drop pagebuilder theme lets you build a home page (and every other page for that matter) that loos just like you had in mind, because you get to use the built in custom content widgets.  Leave your coding behind and let the ease of visual page building take the lead.  That means flexible layouts with multiple column widths and a variety of layout choices you can make.  There are endless combos to create a cool looking theme that really fits with what you want to get done.  CSS Igniter themes are all SEO optimized to load fast and show up as high as possible in search rankings.  Translation ready, responsive, great support and constant updates, to go along with the handy theme options panel, all make for a great experience for the user and admin alike.

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Sonnet Parallax WordPress Theme

sonnet wordpress parallax theme

Flat color, content positioning that is clean, simple customization and professional coding is its core power. We’ve comprised Visual Composer ($25 Value) inside sonnet that is the most popular & strong drag and drop layout builder for WordPress. Sonnet has strong section editor, Responsive In Every Way grid portfolio plugin (Megafolio $9 value, contained), Zilla Shortcode, Pricing Table supervisor and ultimately it supports Automated Plugin direction. Demo content importer that will allow you to assemble the website with dummy content in a second was supplied by us. You can use it for corporate, business portfolio, product case, private portfolio, firm profile, merchandise, website & photo gallery and many more.  For other outstanding WordPress parallax themes, check out our full collection.

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enterprise wordpress business theme

Business makes it simple that you reach your customers, and really socialize with them. Among the best things about Enterprise is that apart from assisting you to print content about your company, in addition, it has a newsgroups widget which you can use. Now, this is finally helpful because it makes it possible to create a sense of community for your company—so your followers would get to understand one another, and it is possible to get the gist of the way that they feel about your company, and you can get reasonable queries and suggestions from them, also. The newsgroup would make your company, but also your site more fecund—and would have higher odds of being seen and read by other folks, too.

Enterprise additionally makes it simple that you add knowledge bases and FAQs to your website—so that folks would get to find out more about your company, and won’t need to resort to simply connotations about it, and thus, trades and all dialogues would be simple as can be.

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