WordPress Themes for Your Business

hestia lite wordpress theme for business

Looking for a free business theme that has great features but won’t break the bank in terms of cost?  There are some options out there for free themes for your business, like Hestia here.

Corporate or business themes, ones that are even free, work hard on your own behalf to set your company apart and can seem very professional, depending on which theme you choose. Obviously, not all templates are made equal, so you could make an intelligent choice about which one is right for the organization and and that’s the reason why we’ve compiled the top free business themes here for one to browse.

There’s nothing better than not needing to spend a single dime to get a lovely theme like Hestia. The lite version of this business theme can work wonders for all sorts of companies including eCommerce stores. This Hestia multipurpose and flexible theme is responsive and it comes with an amazing layout for startups, because you get to showcase your services with all assistance from icons and can present your pictures with stunning style.


hestia lite wordpress theme for business

The best professional, affordable WordPress business themes are tough to find, which is why I’m grateful for this collection.

The Hestia theme has one-minute set up and demo content for appeasing all the designers out there, readily available, plus it features a mega menu and also custom backgrounds for building the best eCommerce store. When it comes to homepage content, you’ll see a slider that is lovely with overlaying text and buttons. A couple of parallax components are scattered through the entire webpage, along with a Meet the Team module shares info about your workers. Along with e-mail subscribe types, contact types and reviews, the Hestia theme seems quite great.

Another great collection can be found at Go Theme so why not have a look at that too?


Free WordPress Portfolio Themes – Clean Magazine

Well, precisely as the name suggest, Clean Magazine is a Clean and totally Responsive Free WordPress Theme, designed and developed for Magazine and Blog Websites. It is based on Catch Base theme which uses HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive design where each element has been carefully configured for perfect display on all devices and platforms. It comes with a wide variety of options so you can modify Layout, Styling, Header Highlight Content, Featured Content, Promotion Headline, Featured Slider, News Ticker, Pagination, Icons, Menus, Breadcrumb, Widgets and much more, directly from theme customizer. This theme is translation ready. For more details check out Clean Magazine Theme Instructions.

Free, High Quality WordPress Portfolio Themes

Retro WordPress Themes

Vintage inspired WordPress themes, with incredibly fun, fashionable and totally unique style, great for wedding sites, camera-buffs, photography portfolio sites, eCommerce or even food blog or restaurant websites. These retro fitted WordPress themes will remind you of old good times, when style was more than a trend. Old classics were always popular among creative who need a stylish portfolio to showcase their unique works.

We love the way these WordPress themes were created. With attention to details, passion and immense work, these templates will always find people who understand real art. Best Looking Vintage WordPress Retro Themes  Creativity is always good for online presence; it will make you memorable among many other websites that a person visits daily.

Retro Vintage WordPress Themes can be found on the marketplaces, and some of them are very impressive. Colors, shapes and decorations were crafted with love, the right choice for your next projects that you want to be different, stand out from the crowd and leave a pleasant memory in your visitor’s head.


Reviews Themes for WordPress

There’s a special subset of all magazine themes and I’m talking about WordPress themes where users can submit reviews. Like I said, not all sites allow for that.  Almost all magazine themes allow you, the blogger, to review anything you want.  Even if the site isn’t set up for ‘star reviews’ right out of the box, a few quick plugins and you’ve got yourself a handy little site for reviewing products or services.  Whatever.

But for a site to allow users to submit their reviews?  Until lately, that was almost unheard of.  Now, it’s becoming even more commonplace, so you can find a great selection of themes that really let you showcase the best products with user reviews.

swagmag wordpress reviews theme

WordPress Shopping Themes With ECommerce

eCommerce is one of the biggest ways folks make cash online these days.  It’s simple to set up and you don’t need to waste money on an expensive shopping cart setup, you can get the same kind of results from a high quality WordPress eCommerce themes for your store that can surely help drive in new business.

eCommerce isn’t what it used to be, eCommerce themes are coming out all the time that allow you to set up a shop quickly and efficiently.

Viral Content WordPress Magazine Themes

Bimber is a great example of the type of theme you want for building an online magazine.

bimber wordpress theme

They call these ‘viral’ content websites, showing stuff like cat videos and fail vids, dank memes and other stupid internet stuff.  For more of the best WordPress themes for catchy viral content you can stay tuned to this collection, since more is always on the way.  We think Bimber is probably the only one you need though.

WordPress Masonry Grid Themes

Masonry grid WordPress layouts are perfect for presenting tons of visual content on your WordPress site. A very popular and great example of these masonry sites is Pinterest.com probably the absolute fastest growing social media site around.  With WordPress, grid-style templates are also incredibly popular. Why?  Well, they’re a wonderful way to organize your content, which is very nice.  Grid layouts can often be seen in magazine style themes, portfolio themes where you need to show off a lot of imagery and also, responsive themes are starting to get into the game.  51 WordPress Masonry Grid Portfolio Themes

WordPress WooCommerce/ECommerce Themes

It’s clear, WordPress WooCommerce Themes are trending.  They’re becoming more and more  popular as so many people flock to WordPress as the CMS of choice to construct their online webstores.  It’s easy to see why, since WordPress is such a great CMS, it’s free and there are a massive amount of themes that allow you to build a great looking website relatively quickly.  WordPress is completely open source, which means you can change the code to your liking and believe me, tons of people do that every single day.  The amount of customization is stunning. Add in all the free and premium themes available, you’ve got a perfect storm of usability and flexibility.

woocommerce themes

We aim to show you the very best WordPress WooCommerce/eCommerce themes around and we know you’ll find something you love in this collection.

Unique and Beautiful WordPress Themes

Wherever you find WordPress, you will find a massive group of talented designers who want nothing more than to create a great looking WordPress theme.  That’s why we’ve taken the timeto gather up the Best uniquely designed WordPress themes for you in this collection.

We also recommend these WordPress adsense themes that can help you grow your business like never before.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find a great looking theme with truly original styling.  Perfect for any occasion.