WordPress Video Plugins You Should Get To Know

If you want to turn your website into the kind of place where readers can turn themselves into viewers, you may need a special kind of plugin to get the job done.  Sure, you could opt for a specialized WordPress video theme, but if you want to use a theme that isn’t specially constructed for the job, you’re in the right place.   And really, you don’t need to spend a bunch of money to get the job done, the free options can be very, very nice, with features that rival the big boys, even if the price is infinitely lower.

Video Embed & Thumbnails Generator

This plugin helps make embedding your videos easy, generating thumbnails automatically and encoding files quickly and without any technical issues.  This plugin is free for a basic version, though the advanced features of the premium version may be interesting to some.  I’m not sure they’ve actually added those add-ons yet though.

There are several different players you can choose from, so keep that in mind, the look of your videos is entirely up to you.

YouTube Embed

What do you suppose this one does?  Well, if you guessed that it allows you to embed YouTube clips, pat yourself on the back.  Go on, you’ve earned it.  Yep, YouTube Embed offers API access to improve user experience but ultimately, what this does is allows you to embed YouTube clips in your posts.  Built playlists, general playlists based on user name or text inquiries and more.

ShortCodes Ultimate

Shortcodes ultimate is a plugin for WordPress, allowing you to create tabs, boxes, buttons and more.  Why it’s here in this writeup, it also lets you embed your video clips, turning a free theme into a premium one.  Pretty sweet idea, I may take advantage of it if I choose a free theme after all.

That’s all of these video plugins for now, I want to keep this post fresh though so I’m going to be coming back to it when I find more cool stuff to post.  I think WordPress is a real winner so far, but man, I’m still such a beginner.  Got any great tips, tricks, hints or things I should know about?  Let me know in the comments below!