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Keen WordPress Flat Theme

October 11, 2017

Handsome, minimal and easy & fun to customize, that’s Keen in a nutshell. Keen is a neatly designed portfolio style WordPress theme with a focus on wide(r) screen media. Ideal for all types of artists, designers, photographers and other creatives.

Why Keen is great: ✔ Beautiful, minimalistic and elegant design ✔ Ideal for wider/bigger screens and just as good on smaller desktops, tablets and phones ✔ Off-canvas sidebar which is also used as navigation for smaller screens such as tablets and phones ✔ Icon fonts instead images (for speedy loading) ✔ Retina ready; all set to make you look sharp ✔ Translatable (.po/.mo files are included) ✔ Documentation included in the download package to get you started (and keep you going) ✔ Great support (you know.. just in case) ✔ Much more!

Keen is also fully integrated with the WordPress Theme Customizer: ✔ Custom logo/favicon support ✔ Color options (make your Keen install really yours with your own color scheme .. go nuts!) ✔ Typography options (put your system fonts, and a wide variety of Google fonts to good use) ✔ Font-size options (text will never be to big or to small again) ✔ Theme options (various theme related options that allow you to alter the way your Keen install looks) ✔ Labels & text (the theme features some texts and labels you might want to alter) ✔ Analytics code (keep track of how your Keen install is doing) ✔ Custom CSS (go nuts!)

The TVA Tools plugin actives the following features: (it’s installed upon activation): ✔ Built in portfolio ✔ Built in social links widget ✔ Built in social links shortcode ✔ Post styling (buttons, toggles, quotes, alerts, columns and text highlighting)

Support: Need some help with your theme? No problem, send an email over to themes[at]tienvooracht.nl and you will receive top notch personal help.

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