WordPress Video Plugins You Should Get To Know

If you want to turn your website into the kind of place where readers can turn themselves into viewers, you may need a special kind of plugin to get the job done.  Sure, you could opt for a specialized WordPress video theme, but if you want to use a theme that isn’t specially constructed for the job, you’re in the right place.   And really, you don’t need to spend a bunch of money to get the job done, the free options can be very, very nice, with features that rival the big boys, even if the price is infinitely lower.

Video Embed & Thumbnails Generator

This plugin helps make embedding your videos easy, generating thumbnails automatically and encoding files quickly and without any technical issues.  This plugin is free for a basic version, though the advanced features of the premium version may be interesting to some.  I’m not sure they’ve actually added those add-ons yet though.

There are several different players you can choose from, so keep that in mind, the look of your videos is entirely up to you.

YouTube Embed

What do you suppose this one does?  Well, if you guessed that it allows you to embed YouTube clips, pat yourself on the back.  Go on, you’ve earned it.  Yep, YouTube Embed offers API access to improve user experience but ultimately, what this does is allows you to embed YouTube clips in your posts.  Built playlists, general playlists based on user name or text inquiries and more.

ShortCodes Ultimate

Shortcodes ultimate is a plugin for WordPress, allowing you to create tabs, boxes, buttons and more.  Why it’s here in this writeup, it also lets you embed your video clips, turning a free theme into a premium one.  Pretty sweet idea, I may take advantage of it if I choose a free theme after all.

That’s all of these video plugins for now, I want to keep this post fresh though so I’m going to be coming back to it when I find more cool stuff to post.  I think WordPress is a real winner so far, but man, I’m still such a beginner.  Got any great tips, tricks, hints or things I should know about?  Let me know in the comments below!



Divi WordPress Portfolio Theme

Divi, from Elegant Themes, is an incredibly aesthetically appealing and cutting edge, modern and impressively visually gorgeous, fashionable and stylish, flatly designed and extremely mobile friendly, seamless and technologically adaptable while graphically rounded and polished, neatly ordered and exceptionally responsive in every way WordPress theory, multipurpose theme. Divi is a professionally developed and designed WordPress theme specially assembled and outfitted with all the aim of creating an infinitely pliable and impressively nimble web site construction toolkit effective at handling the wants as well as prerequisites of webmasters far and wide across a number of markets and areas of interest, with unparalleled simplicity and smoothness of user interface along with deep functionality and layout abilities.

The strong visual Divi Builder manages webmasters experienced and cub equally a world’s worth of power station components and shortcodes, elegantly deployed through reachable and quickly customizable block-based content modules, with over 40 unique, custom developed modules to select from and stack or scale as you want. Divi’s design that is flat that is amazing permeates template, layout and every page in this theme that is lovely, as well as your crowd will find themselves right at home on your own web site owing to its design philosophy that is potently instinctive and universally recognizable. Divi now, attempt, and feel the difference of a fresh, design that is level!  Read more about Divi here.

Fantastic Free WP Themes

I found a great source for free WordPress themes.  Now, this may look familiar to you because I posted about these free WordPress themes here, but I forgot to include a link to the demos, so without further ado…

Check out the demos here: Empire, King, Quartz, Mercury, Montana, Silverbow. So far, these are my favorite free themes of the year, hopefully you feel the same way?  I’m really leaning toward a switch, still not sure which one I want though.

WordPress Themes for Your Business

hestia lite wordpress theme for business

Looking for a free business theme that has great features but won’t break the bank in terms of cost?  There are some options out there for free themes for your business, like Hestia here.

Corporate or business themes, ones that are even free, work hard on your own behalf to set your company apart and can seem very professional, depending on which theme you choose. Obviously, not all templates are made equal, so you could make an intelligent choice about which one is right for the organization and and that’s the reason why we’ve compiled the top free business themes here for one to browse.

There’s nothing better than not needing to spend a single dime to get a lovely theme like Hestia. The lite version of this business theme can work wonders for all sorts of companies including eCommerce stores. This Hestia multipurpose and flexible theme is responsive and it comes with an amazing layout for startups, because you get to showcase your services with all assistance from icons and can present your pictures with stunning style.


hestia lite wordpress theme for business

The best professional, affordable WordPress business themes are tough to find, which is why I’m grateful for this collection.

The Hestia theme has one-minute set up and demo content for appeasing all the designers out there, readily available, plus it features a mega menu and also custom backgrounds for building the best eCommerce store. When it comes to homepage content, you’ll see a slider that is lovely with overlaying text and buttons. A couple of parallax components are scattered through the entire webpage, along with a Meet the Team module shares info about your workers. Along with e-mail subscribe types, contact types and reviews, the Hestia theme seems quite great.

Another great collection can be found at Go Theme so why not have a look at that too?


Free WordPress Themes

 These are some free themes from themeit.com, I’m considering switching to one in the next few days, so I’ve decided to review them.


Quartz Free WordPress Blog Theme by Theme It

I’m considering switching to this Quartz theme, so I thought I’d do a mini review of all of the themes this ThemeIt place has for free, since I’d be removing the footer link, but they did do some hard work on these themes, so they deserve a bit of attention for what they made.   Quartz has a cool layout, it’s a pretty classic design, I’ve seen a lot of really similar themes, but this one is free, so I can’t beat that price.  All the social networking stuff is there of course and I think there’s a few options for the layout.  Not much documentation though.  Once I get to be better at WordPress that won’t matter, but for now, it’s a bit of a concern.

Quartz Demo


Silverbow Free WooCommerce Ready Theme by Theme It

Silverbow is a one column theme, which I generally like, it’s modern looking, kinda boring but still pretty good.  Also free.  I like free.  It’s WooCommerce ready, but there’s just something about it that makes it not what I’m going to pick.  I have no real idea why, just a feeling I get.

Silverbow Demo


Mercury Free WordPress Blog Theme by ThemeIt

I really don’t like the fonts on Mercury, so I won’t be using it, but it is free.  The layout is pretty similar to Quartz, I’ll stick with that.  Of course, if you know what you’re doing, you can switch out the fonts using either a plugin or CSS, but I don’t feel like learning that right away.  One thing at a time.

Mercury Demo


King free wordpress theme by themeit

If I wanted to sell stuff, I’d go with King.  It supports WooCommerce, which is pretty cool, not all free themes do that, they’ll charge you for it as an addon or whatever, a free or light version and a premium version, they’ll charge you to ‘unlock’ WooCommerce support.  That’s not something I want to have to deal with, so I think a theme like King is a pretty good choice.

King Demo


Montana wordpress blog theme free by themeit

Montana is just about the simplest blog you could have, almost nothing to it.  If you have a lot of photographs, it’d probably be a great choice.  The font reads too small for me, I wouldn’t use this as a blog theme, but for a photo portfolio it could be nice?

Montana Demo


empire free wordpress blog theme by themeit

And finally Empire, which is a two column theme with sidebar, I like the typography, I like the layout.  There are definitely some things to tweak with CSS, but I think it’s a great looking theme overall and Empire is probably my number two choice if I don’t go with Quartz.

Empire Demo

BlackShop WooCommerce WordPress Theme


blackshop multipurpose woocommerce ecommerce theme

BlacShop is a full-featured, minimalist design, multipurpose WooCommerce theme and it’s a real hit on ThemeForest.  It’s easy to see why.  This beautiful, reliable, well made, cutting edge and flexible WooCommerce ready WordPress theme helps you to promote existing products, manage shipping and your stock, develop your small business, launch new merchandise and get in touch with customers and a lot more. This WooCommerce theme is packed with features, functional, nice, efficient and very easy to use, it’s flexible, SEO optimized and completely responsive, perfect for game console stores, small online shops, promotion firms, computer distributors or online bike shops. You can create a wonderful first impression with a well designed and well built WordPress WooCommerce theme.

What about flexibility with BlackShop?  Well, if you would like a terrific page builder theme for WordPress, you should consider a theme like BlackShop that uses Visual Composer, the most widely user drag and drop site builder plugin for WordPress, since it packs such a wide selection of functions, it’s adaptable enough to help create any kind of site. The Visual Composer plugin works with the major premium plugins like sliders like Layer or Revolution Sliders, Essential Grid, Contact Form 7, both Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms and WooCommerce. You’ll love very simple learning curve, the reasonable price, that it’s compatible with everything, the flexibility to make any variety of website and the variety of powerful features. Features include the professional support, strong front end editor, purely responsive design, 40+ content elements and huge template library, and a bunch more.

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Resca Restaurant Theme for WordPress


resca wordpress coffee shop restaurant cafe theme

Resca is a premium WordPress coffee shop and restaurant theme from one of ThemeForest’s elite theme makers, ThimPress.  This restaurant theme does everything you want it to, from making a wonderful first impression to allowing your customers to make a reservation online, which saves you time and money, by letting them do the work for you.  Your customers can self-populate the contact form from a desktop, laptop or mobile device.  Booking a table has never been easier.  What’s even better, you can use WooCommerce to take orders online, which is pretty handy.  Resca has a parallax background image option to help present your products in a professional and fun way.  We love the menu design on this theme too, which allows you to show pictures of your delicious dishes along with a detailed description and clearly displayed prices for each item.

Tesla Framework for WordPress Sites

Tesla Framework


Personalize the visual appearance and functionality of your site using our Handcrafted Layouts. Benefit from our full pack of unique features. Our Multipurpose WordPress Templates represent the best solution for all bloggers, developers, freelancers, agencies or corporate websites. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for custom web design and development. Customize your website for as low as $25 and start growing your community!  This fun and easy and powerful WP theme is full of perfect features that make it painless to start a new WP site super quickly!

Savoy Minimal WooCommerce Theme


savoy minimalist wordpress woocommerce theme

Barcelona is a wonderful city, now it’s a wonderful WordPress theme too.  This reliable, stunning, modern, very easy to use and versatile WooCommerce ready WordPress theme permits you to advertise brand new products, get in touch with potential customers, manage shipping and your inventory, develop your company and market existing merchandise and a lot more. This WooCommerce theme is packed with creative features, user friendly, highly modifiable, well-built and superb, it’s flexible, SEO-friendly and totally responsive, amazing for phone or computer distributors, perfume shops, both small and large businesses, bicycle retailers or publicity businesses. Using a well designed WordPress WooCommerce can help you make a great first impression.

The foremost WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin is definitely Visual Composer, because it’s probably the most impressive and particularly adaptable way to produce the kind of site you want with the design and functions you’d like, and Barcelona uses it to the fullest extent, allowing you to craft an infinite number of layouts, each one perfectly responsive, each one tailored to fit your content perfectly. Visual Composer works with all the major add-on plugins such as both Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms, Essential Grid, WooCommerce, Sliders like Revolution or Layer Sliders and Contact Form 7. You’ll really love the versatility to create any kind of highly functional website, the ease of use, the many helpful features, the fact that it’s compatible with everything and the low cost. Features include the detailed documentation, massive template library, strong front end editor, responsive design and wide variety of content elements, plus a whole lot more.

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FacePress WordPress Timeline Theme



This is a really cool theme, it’s called FacePress.  Consider it a mashup between Facebook and WordPress, it’s got enough features and custom styles, you may forget which site you’re on for a while.  FacePress, built by CosmoThemes and available only on ThemeForest, is an innovative and attractive WordPress theme that has a lot of cool features.  Features like a timeline, grid and list view for posts, you can enable ‘user following’ to build an author page that’s a little bit different than most, there are multiple layouts and multiple skinds too.  FacePress is easy to customize, easy to create content with and it’s highly well developed, with pristine code and fantastic documentation.  You can even allow your users to submit content with front end submissions, permitting users to create video, image, audio, text and other posts from the front end.  That’s pretty cool, especially if you’re building a community around specific niche topic.

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